Friday, August 20, 2010

Installing Nitrous Kits in Your Car

If you are the type of person who likes horse power and speed, then one best option is to get nitrous kits installed in your vehicle. You certainly might get a great experience with high torque and improved horse power just by making this simple switch. There are a number of nitrous kits that are designed such that they are very much efficient in working with different types of fuel injected car engines and one of the main advantages of getting this installed is that the job can be done within few hours. You never need to make use of any type of specialized tools to get this job accomplished.

Before you get started you might have to select the best location in your vehicle where you need to get this kit installed. It is always advisable to try and avoid installing in the main engine compartment as there are chances that the carbon di-oxide canister could in fact get exploded due to the sudden raise of temperature. There are a number of professionals who in fact suggest to install this kit in the trunk are or even under the main dash board as these are very safe places to install it. You should also work on the direction in which you are planning to direct nitrous line to the fuel injector from the canister. For this purpose you might also have a punch a few number of holes in the dashboard or the trunk area.

Being a professional work it is suggested to make use of grommet for punching holes as you never want to damage the nitrous line when punching holes. After this it is important that you mount the canister in perfect location. It is also a good option to rivet the canister directly to the body of your car. In case the canister is kept loose then there are chances that it might explode when running full speed. There are also chances that it could act as a deadly projectile so most people prefer giving experts the job to be accomplished. Installing can be a risky job and so if you are just not sure of the right procedure then let the experts do the job for you.

You should also take care that you route the nitrous from canister directly to the engine for full power. Temperature resistant clips are best options if you need to prevent it from being overheated. One best option to protect the line is to try and fasten it to the brake lining. Making use of right gadgets and parts is also an important issue to maintain safety. In few cases you might also have to try and replace the rail of the fuel. After this you might also have to properly install the electrical connection, control box and solenoid switch in its place where it is easy to reach.

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