Monday, August 23, 2010

Car Covers For the Seasons

Another Summer is winding down and the changing leaves are on their way. Protecting your vehicles is important regardless of the time of year. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, limousines, SUVs, RVs, boats and other recreational vehicles would be best protected with a quality vehicle cover. Summer commands protection from the dangerous UV rays, stormy weather can be a concern any time of year. Winter brings snow and ice in the Northern hemisphere and rain in the South. If you live in the higher elevations of the Southwest, you will also experience the snow and ice mother winter can bring.

In today's economy we all want our possession's to last, especially the big ticket items like our cars etc. When it comes time to trade them in or sell them outright your success largely depends first on how they look. If the paint is faded and or scratched, many will be turned off and will continue their search elsewhere. Like it or not how your vehicle presents itself can go a long way when it comes time to sell or trade. Using a car cover, boat cover, RV cover etc will ensure your vehicle looks it's best when that time comes not to mention make you happy along the way.

If you are like me, you take pride in your vehicle and wash and wax when needed to keep that finish looking bright and new. I can't tell you how many times I worked hard getting my car clean only to have a small shower or rain storm during the night defeat my entire purpose leaving rain spots all over the finish. Had I protected at that time with a car cover like I do now, there would have been no problem. Now I know better. Even though I park in a carport, I still cover my Jeep, dust seems to find it's way everywhere and if the wind is kicking, well the rain can blow in too. The cover also prevents dings and scratches that can be caused by passers by, debris etc. It's so nice getting into a clean vehicle every day. Covering your vehicle also keeps the interior temperatures down. If you live in the Southwest, you know how hot it can get inside. That kind of heat from sun exposure can fade your upholstery or leather for that matter and take a toll on the dash and any personal belongings like Cd's or DVDs that you may have stored inside.

Purchasing a car cover or recreational vehicle cover could not be easier today. The Internet offers a ton of options. Just be sure to shop around when you are ready to make your purchase. Check out the shipping policies and return guidelines. Also, ensure you are ordering the correct size the first time around, this will save you $ in the long run as most companies will not pay return shipping if you ordered the wrong size and if you are covering a larger vehicle, RV etc, this could get pricey.

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